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The family and staff would like to thank-you for the outpouring of prayers, love, and support on the loss of our beloved director JC Chambers, who passed away very unexpectedly July 8, 2018.

Stronghold will carry on the mission and serving that began 25 years ago. We appreciate your continued support.

My husband and I have had the opportunity to attend the 6-week Parents Who Put Grace in Place series presented by JC.  I have no words except: amazing.  We are sad that the 6 weeks is over; it flew by and we looked forward to each week dreading the end.  JC is dynamic, the content applicable, and the impact is awesome.  I would encourage anyone to attend - no matter the age of your children.  We are super thankful for the 6 weeks and for JC's insight.  He is taking time away from his own family to strengthen other families.  We are grateful.  JC, thank you for the past 6 weeks, thank you for your wisdom, and we hope we can apply even a fraction of what you spoke of in our home.  We would love for you to come back to Community on a weekly basis ;)  (That is, every week for the next 10 years!!)  Thanks again.


Nick and Abbie 

About Stronghold:

Hope Without Hype - Guidance Without Judgement

Stronghold Counseling was founded on a philosophy of non-judgmental counseling. Before healing can happen, open communication must take place in a safe environment free of judgment. Stronghold provides a "judgment-free" zone where individuals and families can honestly open up, often for the first time without any fear of repercussions.