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My husband and I have had the opportunity to attend the 6-week Parents Who Put Grace in Place series presented by JC.  I have no words except: amazing.  We are sad that the 6 weeks is over; it flew by and we looked forward to each week dreading the end.  JC is dynamic, the content applicable, and the impact is awesome.  I would encourage anyone to attend - no matter the age of your children.  We are super thankful for the 6 weeks and for JC's insight.  He is taking time away from his own family to strengthen other families.  We are grateful.  JC, thank you for the past 6 weeks, thank you for your wisdom, and we hope we can apply even a fraction of what you spoke of in our home.  We would love for you to come back to Community on a weekly basis ;)  (That is, every week for the next 10 years!!)  Thanks again.


Nick and Abbie 

About Stronghold:

Hope Without Hype - Guidance Without Judgement

Stronghold Counseling was founded on a philosophy of non-judgmental counseling. Before healing can happen, open communication must take place in a safe environment free of judgment. Stronghold provides a "judgment-free" zone where individuals and families can honestly open up, often for the first time without any fear of repercussions.