Stronghold Counseling Services, Inc.

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Dr. Connie Spicero, Licensed Psychologist Ed.D.


I would like to tell you a little about myself. I was delighted when JC Chambers and I discussed joining his team at Stronghold Counseling Services. As it turned out, I was scheduled to start on July 16,2018,

 Many are aware that we lost JC, very unexpectantly on July 8th, so it was a, difficult time to begin. Everyone was very kind to me, despite their grief, and surprisingly I was allowed to share in their mourning.  That is how I became a part of this family of therapists that JC had brought together, and how it would have been, if he were with us.

I spent 26 years working at Avera Psychiatry, where I was involved in teaching for the medical school and supervising the psychiatry residents.  I did psychological testing and saw families, couples and individuals with varying degrees of difficulties.

 I have a special interest in emotional abuse, and I did conduct some seminars to make others aware of how damaging such abuse can be to one’s sense of self and to our abilities to trust our perceptions and decisions.

 I have worked with marital and parenting issues, anxiety, in many forms, as well as, depression, grief nd bipolar disorders.

 Individuals need a safe place to be able to express their feelings, where they can talk freely about their fears, guilt, resentments in their current life, as well as, painful experiences from childhood which may still be affecting them today. Sometimes it just takes someone to listen and understand the hurt and suffering that an individual may be experiencing.