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Freely: Transforming Lives Through The Eyes of Grace - A 30 Day Devotional by [Chambers, JC]

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Just before his untimely death, Dr. JC Chambers was working on his next book, amongst many other projects! He had a vision for a devotional that would be all about God's Grace. How God's grace completely transforms people.

True to his nature, JC wanted others to be involved to bring their unique perspective and experience with Grace into the book. And now, to honor JC, to honor Jesus and to celebrate the Stronghold Crew that still carries out his vision and mission, enjoy and apply these thoughts on Gods transforming Grace.

The Art of Kid Whispering: Reaching the Inside Kid


This a book design to encourage and assist counselors, parents, teachers and youth workers. The reader will find a description of what is meant by the term "KId Whipsering" as well as important assumptions. The reader is than guided thru a discussion of critical concepts that will equip them to be more effective at understanding kid's costume, reaching beneath that costume, addressing the inside kid, appreciating the young person's story and challenging youth to make more effective, positive choices.

The book can be purchased through Amazon by clicking this link.

The Stronghold Difference

Stronghold was created in 1993 to offer Hope, the hope of real healing for those hurting in a broken world. Healing never takes place alone. Many times it is the result of deliberate, intentional, caring service from committed professionals with years of experience; professional counselors who have already helped hundreds in similar situations. This hope is the foundation of the Stronghold experience.

Hope Without Hype

Healing is never easy. There is no quick fix. It is often times painful. It does not happen overnight. But real, life-changing healing can and does happen regardless of what often may seem like a mountain of overwhelming circumstances. True, we don't know what you're going through. But at Stronghold, you'll never have to face it alone.

Guidance Without Judgement

Stronghold was founded on a philosophy of non-judgmental counseling. Before healing can happen, open communication must take place in a safe environment free of judgment. Stronghold provides a "judgment-free" zone where individuals and families can honestly open up, often for the first time without any fear of repercussions.

The book can be purchased through Amazon by clicking this link.


Comments on The Stronghold Difference

Just a couple of things--

First, I appreciate that it was direct, clear, easy to understand--especially that you didn't use a lot of psychological mumbo jumbo to impress us.

Because it was a simple, straightforward message, this is what I'm taking away from it:

Grace --> Truth-->Hope-->Good

It--healing-- starts with grace that allows us to feel safe enough to seek the truth (with help), and when we realize that the truth didn't kill us, we can grab on to hope that we really can get through this because we are not alone and dependent on only ourselves, that we WILL make it through the storm and there will be Good waiting there for us.

That's a mighty powerful message.

Thanks for the book.  I appreciate you putting your perspective out there


Staff Article Publications


Helping Youth Overcome Trauma - J.C. Chambers

Kid Whispering and The Inside Kid - J.C. Chambers and Mark Freado

"Stop Being So Pushy!": Applying Conflict Cycle in Work and Families - J.C. Chambers






CE's through NBCC and CEU's through the SD Board of Social Work Examiners are available with most of our workshops.

Stronghold Counseling has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6490. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  Stronghold Counseling is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.


Developing the Art of Kid Whispering: Defiant youth outwit adults with strategies of fight, flight and fool. The facilitator describes how to understand the “private logic” of distrustful youth, thus helping the participants unlock the code of negative behavior and begin replacinghostile encounters with respectful alliance. Material presented comes fromRe-Educating Troubling and Troubled Youth and Kids Who Outwit Adults both books by Dr. Larry Brendtro.

Recycled Family Conflict Produces “At Risk” Personalities: This workshop will focus on helping the participant look at the impact alcoholic behavior in parents has on kids. The participants will look at how cycles of drug use stress kids and shape their personalities. We will explore how to connect with and empower these youth from alcoholic homes. 

Drugships: How Kids Build Relationships with Chemical Use. Many youth have more powerful relationships with drugs than with humans in their lives. The facilitator describes connections to chemicals as “drugships.” He offers strength-based principles for helping these youth replace drugships with meaningful relationships.

Understanding Kids at Risk
Overview of the research data from 6-8 years of doing brief developmental audits. We will demonstrate to the participants who and how we did the brief audits. What instruments we utilized and then review with the participants an overview of what we’ve discovered about the youth we observed.

Kids Enchanted with Chemicals: Explore a relational understanding of kids' enchantment with chemical use and learn how to reach kids whose connections with chemicals are more powerful then human bonds. The presenter leads an investigation of how to facilitate recovery of a drugship divorce.

Response Ability Pathways: 
Children who experience relationship trauma avoid being hurt again. How do we connect with youth who keep us at bay with tactics of fight, flight, or fool? RAP employs practical, proven methods to build bonds of trust in times of conflict. RAP is the only universal training specifically designed as a positive alternative to coercive methods of restraint, isolation, and exclusion.

Deep Brain Learning: Pathways to Potential with Challenging Youth: Deep Brain Learning® will teach participants the latest brain science research as it relates to the development of children and adolescents. Deep Brain Learning® is designed for teachers, clinicians and direct-care staff to better understand troubled youth and how to optimize their performance in educational and treatment environments. 


Life Space Crisis Intervention: The Skills LSCI teaches professionals the therapeutic talking strategies they need to help children engaged in self-defeating patterns as well as the awareness and skills to understand and manage their own feelings when intervening with aggressive or out-of-control behaviors.

The Theory This powerful training integrates psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral and pro-social theories into a dynamic and comprehensive strategy rooted in personal insights, behavioral changes and natural consequences.

The Process LSCI uses a structured, six-step interviewing process to offer adults and kids in stress a roadmap through conflict. LSCI believes that the process of helping involves having the ability to listen deeply to the personal stories of children and youth and to recognize that their message is often not in their words but in their underlying thoughts and feelings.

Compassion Fatigue: This interactive workshop was developed in response to numerous requests from caretakers who wanted to acquire a deeper understanding of compassion fatigue “burnout” and resilience.Create practical, measurable Resilience Plan for reducing impact of Compassion Fatigue, using Compassion Fatigue Maps and Checklists